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How to Give Back in Recovery

Giving back is a perfect way to kickoff the holiday season and it’s great for your recovery, too.  For one, it simply feels good to give. Beyond that, acts of altruism have been linked with lower levels of depression, greater positivity, increased confidence and self-worth and better overall life satisfaction. Depending on how you choose… Read more »

Encouraging Self-Esteem in Loved Ones

Self-esteem plays a big part in your loved one’s recovery. After all, high self-esteem will help your loved one to: Act independently and responsibly Take pride in his/her accomplishments Attempt new tasks and challenges Better handle positive and negative emotions And more… Conversely, low self-esteem can prevent your loved one from working toward personal recovery… Read more »

Tips for Making Friends During Recovery 

More and more studies have linked good friends to good health, including a lower risk of anxiety and depression and, of course, loneliness. Friendships can be a powerful part of your long-term recovery plan. After all, the right people can help you through the ups and downs and curves as you embark on the road… Read more »