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Finding Strength in Your Faith

Faith. You can’t see it or measure it. But, you can certainly feel it. It’s a unique bond that you have with your creator – one that evolves over time adding unique layers and textures to your relationship with Christ. And, it’s a powerful tool to help guide you through challenging chapters of your journey…. Read more »

Incorporating Gratitude into Your Prayer Journal

Bible with silver cross necklace

Keeping a prayer journal is a great way to strengthen your relationship with Christ. It offers a unique opportunity to quietly reflect on your journey of faith while keeping friends and family members in your thoughts and prayers. Writing down your daily conversations with Christ should also be more than simply an exercise in asking… Read more »

Are You Living with Intention?

You probably woke up with a mental “to-do” list of things you need to accomplish today or maybe this week. Things like picking up the dry cleaning, scheduling a few meetings at work or paying the electric bill that’s due in a few days. But, are you too caught up in the day-to-day to see… Read more »