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Use Positive Thinking to Help Heal

Improving your health is more than just taking care of your physical body. Exercising, dieting, and being aware of your body’s capabilities all lend themselves to improved health, of course, but there is a mental aspect as well. Studies have indicated that having a positive outlook greatly increases your chances of living a longer, healthier… Read more »

What Exactly Is a Sober Living Program?

Within the last decade, we have heard the words, “sober living program” more often than ever. But what exactly is a sober living program? And how does it affect the recovery process of those with addictions? The National Institute of Health conducted studies that show that recovery patients who go directly from rehabilitation programs back… Read more »

Wonderful Things to Do Instead of Drinking

True rehabilitation transforms the individual and helps them to replace old destructive habits with more positive and healthy activities. Alcoholism is a dangerous disease that can ruin a life and greatly diminish the quality of the lives of those around the person recovering. There is much compassion for this disease, which is why it is… Read more »